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Our Faculty

Meet the people who teach at LotusBeam

Ashish Kamble

Co-Founder, Photography Instructor

I was always fascinated by the amazing photos clicked by the photographers. The power to capture the ‘surreal beauty’ through a mechanical or digital medium always amazed me. Photography has made me surpass my ability as a photographer and evoked me to explore the realm of graphic designing and photo manipulation. My personal projects are more inspired by people who are not much affected by the modern world, even in this modern world they prefer to stick to their roots. When it comes down to style, I prefer the Strobist photography approach whenever possible.

Pallabi Pal Kamble

Co-Founder, Photo Editing Instructor

Colors, Patterns and designs always had the charm that made me doodle and create something which amazed others. With the advent in technology, I wanted to explore the new mediums which could help me recreate them digitally . I firmly believe in the concept of quality over quantity. I was fortunate enough to put my love of designing to good use and have fun along the way and turn my self-taught hobby into a profession.




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